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The Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association (BADJA) was founded in 1997 by local disc jockeys who wanted to make a difference in their industry. BADJA was created on the mission, "Setting the standard for the professional mobile entertainment industry," and this ideal is one that members strive for in order to improve the marketplace for clients and entertainers alike.

BADJA members are accepted into the organization only after they are found to have met the requirements of a professional disc jockey, as determined by the Board of Directors (a true jury of their peers). If an applicant can demonstrate that he or she is an competent entertainer (after a live evaluation at an event), uses professional equipment, operates their business in a professional and fair manner, and is willing to advance the cause of the organization, the applicant is accepted into the BADJA family.

While BADJA sets and enforces the standards of local entertainers, it also acts as its own advocacy group by assisting and educating its members. BADJA members participate in monthly educational and social activities to keep them aware of changes in the industry that can benefit their companies and benefit their clients. Live demonstrations of the latest industry equipment, seminars on topics such as marketing, legal issues, insurance, and even retirement planning session, help BADJA members become better business owners and better entertainers.

One of the most important advantages of the BADJA family is the ability for members to help each other in times of need. With dozens of professional disc jockeys, the group acts like an "emergency net" if a member is unable to perform at an event for any reason. BADJA members lend aid on a larger scale as well, assisting disc jockeys nationwide in times of disaster or hardship. Members of The Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association also give back their community by offering free or discounted entertainment for non-profit organizations sponsoring benefit events and volunteering at civic events such as Maryland Public Television telethons.

If you are interested in receiving information from our BADJA members, please visit our "check availability page" and you will be contacted shortly by any member that is available for your event.

If you are a disc jockey looking to improve your business and your skills please visit our "join BADJA" page

Past BADJA Presidents:

1997-2000 Barry Hart

2001-2001 Jose Castro

2002-2004 Larry Adler

2005-2007 Bob Sigmon

2008-2009 Jason Walsh

2010-2011 Jose Castro


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