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The best way to learn about The Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association is to simply show up to a meeting and start meeting new people!  We meet on the first Monday of the month at 6:30pm to approximately 9:00pm.  Check our upcoming meetings link for more information. 

There are a number of benefits that come from membership in the Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association.  Some are obvious, and some you may have never thought about.  Here are just a few examples of why you should join BADJA:

Educational - New and re-occurring monthly programs, presented by members and outside guests focus on the topics that interest disc jockeys and offer information to help their company grow.

Networking - Meet local disc jockeys and karaoke "jocks" that are doing what you love to do.  Talk about the latest equipment or just make contacts that can lead to a stream of referral business between you and other BADJA companies.

Helping Hands - You always have dozens of friends to help you out of a jam.  Whether your van doesn't start, or you broke your leg, BADJA members are there for each other.  

Public Education - BADJA is doing more each year to promote the quality of its member entertainers.  From informative mailings, to advertisements in area wedding and mitzvah publications, clients know the BADJA logo means quality entertainment.

Discounts - In addition to a network of used gear that BADJA members are willing to part with for the right price, members can take advantage of discounts from industry companies such as Guitar Center, and Just Audio.

There are many more benefits to membership, to see these for yourself stop by a monthly meeting or contact one of our board members for more information.

Ready to join?   Print a BADJA member, associate, or affiliate application.

To speed the process of your membership, you can bring the completed application form to one of our monthly general meetings along with: a check for annual dues ($140 made payable to Baltimore Area DJ Assoc.), a copy of your business contract, a business card, a photo of yourself (preferably in a tuxedo or dark suit), photos of your equipment setup at an event (both from your perspective and your guests' perspective), and a listing of your upcoming events so that a BADJA Board Member may stop in to "see you in action."


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